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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week (or so) in Review - Dec 16

I reflect on my first year at Lincoln Christian University.

With the generosity of Baylor University Press, we give away a copy of my book. You can still enter to win here.

I ask who our followers would study with if given the choice of any two living Jesus scholars. We are still a handful of comments away from our goal of fifty. Comment here if you haven't already.

I discuss an early Christian controversy concerning Jesus' digestive system.

Dr. Keith notes an interesting change in the NA28... some enlightening comments follow alongside a variety of other sorts of comments.

I begin my series critiquing of the historical Jesus Wikipedia page.

I review a cool website for NT Greek called Great Treasures dot org.

Dr. Keith drools over Antike christliche Apokryphen in deutscher Übersetzung edited by by Christoph Markschies and Jens Schröter.

I pass along the news concerning a (probably) Hasmonean site discovery. My thanks to Jim Davila.

My question about memory and jurisprudence spurs an interesting conversation between Brett, Larry, and friends.

I discuss the highlights from Carrie Schroeder's fine presentation concerning the Jesus' wife controversy.

Dr. Keith alerts us to an deal from Fortress via Logos.

I reveal the top ten gifts that every Jesus historian wants for Christmas.


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