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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Other Shoe Drops at Emmanuel - Le Donne

After tons of fun speculation and cyberspace eye-poking, the other shoe has dropped.

Christopher Rollston is on his way to GWU after being run out of town. I'm sure that it is much more complicated than this... and I'm also pretty certain that my summary here is not that far off the mark.



  1. Not sure how I missed all the hub bub, but am up to speed now. It really is as simple as this, these universities are owned by special-interests just like most things in America in this early 21 century. Once Christianity is like the rest of America, then it renders the church null and void.

    I am happy that Rollston has a temporary position and I wish he and you Anthony a future where scholarship and critical thought is valued as a benefit to our Faith, not a threat and a place where teaching such is honored and not persecuted.

    Growing up in a church and then attending a university (Pacific Christian now Hope International) that still clings to women as second class citizens has taken me years to process and threatened my very faith, thank God for professors like you and Rallston who helped us with a way forward without leaving our faith behind.

  2. If for no other reason than the frequency of these firings, I think we're looking at something that is not "just like most things in America".