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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jesus Weeps Sewage - Le Donne

I wish I were making this up...

So the short story is that yet another statue of a religious figure (it is normally Christ or the Virgin Mother) was weeping recently. This time it was in Mumbai, India. Hoping that these "tears" would have healing power, many folks drank the dripping liquid. A very brave atheist named Sanal Edamaruku demonstrated that a leaky sewage pipe was responsible for these so-called "tears". I want to cry just thinking about drinking sewage. But the really sad part of this story is that this poor fellow has been exiled to Finland for his observations.



  1. But where are the sewage pipes from which water is leaking down onto the statue? The CNN story doesn't address facts or evidence at all . . .


  2. OK, here, at least, is the debunker's explanation: