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Saturday, December 1, 2012

What I want for Christmas...

Media of Characters and Characterization in the Gospel of John

I was going ask for two San Francisco Giants World Championships in the course of 24 months... but I suppose that I can ask for something else now.

Seriously, this looks hot. Check out the names on the roster!

Introduction / Section I: Johannine Characterization: Studies in Method / Chapter 1: Character and Characterization in Johannine Studies Christopher W. Skinner / Chapter 2: An Essay exploring where Johannine character studies have gone since his Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel: A Study in Literary Design was published and an exposition of how he would address character and characterization if he were writing 'Anatomy' today R. Alan Culpepper / Chapter 3: Exploring the theory of representative characters in the Fourth Gospel and its implications for understanding Johannine characterization Raymond F. Collins / Chapter 4: The presence of ambiguity in the Fourth Gospel Susan Hylen / Chapter 5: Discussing Richard Bauckham's theory of the Fourth Gospel characters as eyewitnesses and its implications Edward "Mickey" Klink / Chapter 6: A response to weaknesses in Bauckham's eyewitness theory alongside important issues in Johannine characterization Judy Redman / Chapter 7: James L. Resseguie - tbc / Chapter 8: Misunderstanding as the interpretive key to understanding the characters of the Fourth Gospel Christopher W. Skinner / Chapter 9: Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of Character in the Fourth Gospel Cornelis Bennema / Section II: Johannine Character Studies / Chapter 10: Francis J. Moloney - tbc / Chapter 11: Minor Characters in the Fourth Gospel David Beck / Chapter 12: An Exploration of several symbolic characters in the Fourth Gospel Craig Koester / Chapter 13: A Character Study of Pilate Cornelis Bennema / Chapter 14: A Study of Mary and Martha in the Fourth Gospel with comparison to Luke's version Dorothy Lee / Chapter 15: An Examination of the Place of God as character in the Fourth Gospel Stan Harstine / Mary Coloe - tbc / Conclusion: Christopher W. Skinner



  1. Hey guys, I tried to send this before but it didn't come through. The info above is incorrect. Here's the proper ToC: ‘Characters and Characterization in the Gospel of John: Reflections on the Status
    Quaestionis’ (Christopher W. Skinner)
    ‘A Narrative-Critical Approach to the Fourth Gospel’ (James L. Resseguie)
    ‘The Weave of the Tapestry: Character and Theme in John’ (R. Alan Culpepper)
    ’ A Comprehensive Approach to Understanding Character in the Gospel of John’ (Cornelis Bennema)
    ‘Eyewitness Testimony and the Characters in the Fourth Gospel (Judith Christine Single Redman)
    ‘Who Are You?’ Comparison/Contrast and Fourth Gospel
    Characterization’ (Raymond F. Collins)
    ’ Three Ambiguities: Historical Context, Implied Reader,
    and the Nature of Faith (Susan E. Hylen)
    ‘ Misunderstanding, Christology, and Johannine Characterization: Reading John’s Characters Through the Lens of the Prologue’ (Christopher W. Skinner)
    ‘The Fourth Gospel’s Characterization of God: A Rhetoric al Perspective’ (Stan Harstine)
    ‘John the Baptist: Witness and Embodiment of the Prologue in the Gospel of John’ (Sherri Brown)
    ‘ Theological Complexity and the Characterization of Nicodemus in John’s Gospel’ (Craig R. Koester)
    ‘The Woman of Samaria: Her Characterization, Narrative, and Theological Significance (Mary L. Coloe)
    ‘ Martha and Mary: Levels of Characterization in Luke and John’ (Dorothy A. Lee)
    ‘Whom Jesus Loved’: Anonymity and Identity. Belief and Witness in the Fourth Gospel’ (David R. Beck)
    ‘ The Character of Pilate in the Gospel of John’ (Cornelis Bennema)