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Thursday, December 13, 2012

James McGrath Cheats!

In answer to my recent question, McGrath writes:

It is tough to pick two. I would leave Jimmy Dunn out of it since I already studied with him and would not subject him to that again. I think that I'd make Rudolf Bultmann one of them, not just because I appreciate his approach to mediating Christianity to the present day, but because of his full-fledged skepticism about the Jesus tradition. Then I'd make the second one Dale Allison, who thinks that the gist of the earliest depictions of Jesus must be right or otherwise nothing else can be. Of course, I'd be able to get little done with my advisers squabbling constantly...
I mentioned this "fantasy team" in my post today about a giveaway of theologian trading cards, so please do spread the word about that!

This is an open disregard for the strictures set forth from the start. The two scholars must be "living" and Bultmann has not only passed but he has a Straße named after him.

I cry foul!


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  1. You're right, by the time I finished racking my brains about whom to choose, I had forgotten the stipulation that they be living. Or at least, that is the mundane apologetic response i have to offer. I will also start painting graffiti that says "Bultmann Lives!" everywhere, and will continue to work on my time machine so that the rule you imposed will be rendered obsolete. :-)

  2. If McGrath can study with Bultmann, could I change my vote and substitute Origen for E.P. Sanders?