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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Great Treasures Dot Org - Le Donne

I have been a Bible software guy for almost two decades now.  In my Mac days (yes, I used to be an elitist) I used Accordance exclusively.  My first love was Dead Sea Scrolls and Accordance was the only software that had what I needed.  When I switched to a PC (yes, I am now white trash - well, not really "white" but I am certainly trashy), I kept using Accordance with a Mac-emulator.  I also mixed in Bibleworks and found that it met most of my needs.  I am also very familiar with Logos. In fact, I recently wrote the entry on "The Apostle Paul" for their Lexham project.  I must say that Logos has come a very long way since I was first shopping around.

There is one thing that all of the above have in common.  They all cost monies.

A couple years ago I clicked on a google ad for this free online resource.

You have to enter a user name and a password, but there is no cost and (to my knowledge) no spam generated by the email information.  I don't know the dude who runs this site and he has never asked for a favor, I just happen to like the "free-ness" of it and it is quite simple to use.  It doesn't have all of the whistles, bells, and hamster-wheels that Logos has.  But if you're just looking for a Greek NT resource, this is sufficient.

Once you log in, the interface looks like this:

Great Treasures divides into three collapsible rows. The top row is for "beginners" and simply allows you to compare different translations.  You get to choose which translations are represented in these columns.  It is worthwhile to keep the KJV up as it is tagged.  I.e. if you click on the English word in the KJV, the Greek word with definition pops up.

The second row is for "intermediate" users and functions like a Greek dictionary (with long and short definitions) and NT Greek concordance.  The third row parses, slices, dices and color-codes the text with tagging.  Each row has a space for user "notes" - I never use this field, but I imagine that it might be helpful if this webpage was your only interface for Bible study.

I have found a few bugs. For example, Romans 16:7 - which was hammered into my brain by Gordon Fee - refers to "Junia" in the KJV.  The NIV and others, famously, rendered this Junias (male) following an awkward variant in a minority Greek ms.  While the KJV renders the name in the feminine, the Greek tagging pops up with the masculine: Ἰουνίας.  Aside from a few bugs like this, Great Treasures is great fun.

I don't think I'll ever stop using the expensive stuff, but if your needs are simply for NT Greek, Great Treasures might be enough for you.

Any greattreasures users out there? Are there strengths and weaknesses that I've missed?