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Monday, November 5, 2012

What more can be done for academics burned by Christian fundamentalists?

Over at NTweblog, Mark Goodacre reflects on the latest academic to be treated like garbage by an institution claiming to represent the Church. In this case, Mark witnessed one of his former students sent packing. One of the comments on Mark's blog noticed that, of late, this story is repeated almost monthly.

This leads me to ask: what more can be done for academics burned by Christian fundamentalists?

Yesterday my wife mentioned that there ought to be a retreat center specifically devoted to helping academics burned by the church to transition professionally, emotionally, and spiritually. After all, such unchristian administrative moves end up wounding more than just the fired employees. Such decisions can have devastating consequences for entire families.

Question 2: what sorts of resources might be tapped to build a ministry like this?



  1. Random thought: maybe there is a Christian camp somewhere where the owners/operators would be sympathetic to the idea of biblical scholars and others paying money into a fund so that when something like this happens their expense would be paid for a time away. I think something like a monastery might be nice too.

  2. Great idea, Brian. Sounds like the makings of a not-for-profit.

  3. There should be a college that is made up of all faculty who hav been kicked out of another school. :)