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Thursday, November 15, 2012

More on the Controversy Related to Emmanuel - Le Donne

Over at Inside Higher Ed, Libby Nelson details the unethical events that led to Christopher Rollston's departure from Emmanuel:


  1. Anthony, are you saying that Rollston has departed from Emmanuel? The Inside Higher Ed article said he was still employed at there.

  2. I suppose that I was trying to avoid the words "firing" or "dismissal", not knowing what word is appropriate.


  3. I don't think Emmanuel has terminated Rollston's employment technically.

  4. If only they could find one person to take the blame for all of their institution's problems...

    Maybe they're taking object lessons very seriously and wanted to demonstrate the role of the scapegoat in the sacrificial system.


  5. The thrust of the OT is to love God and man at least as much as we love ourselves and nothing below that standard is what God wanted them or us to think, IMO. I think Jesus made this point clear, if anyone saw it otherwise back then, Jesus straightened out their flawed logic.

    In Torah, tons of excuses for divorce were granted, yet we know that is not what God wanted them to see as His will, Jesus explained Moses allowed that to be flexible with a hard hearted crew, which is what all the rest of the OT is if it falls below God's highest and best desires for humanity.

    For this reason, I think Rollston made an error when he presented the idea the text should be seen as endorsing patriarchal anachronisms.

    No, the text shouldn't be seen that way, that's just a presentation of what God tolerated below His highest and best standard of virtue love because He had to flexibly deal with evil, backward humanity to bring forth the goal of Christ.

    How his employer deals with him is another question.