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Friday, November 30, 2012

On Becoming a Tree-hugger - Le Donne

Trevor asks a question that I've heard often: which one of you is the treehugger?

True story: when I was in 1st grade, a guest presenter came to my classroom and taught us that if we were ever lost in the woods, it was best not to wander around aimlessly. Our rescuers would have a better chance of finding us, so I was told, if we just stayed put. And if we felt scared or lonely we should "hug a tree." case you were wondering, I quite literally hugged a tree once. I was curious and it was a phase. My wife knows and we've worked through it. How I do miss the California public school system!

But being a treehugger is a whole lot like covenantal nomism; what gets you in isn't what keeps you in.


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  1. That's a round about way of asking the question I was dying to ask--who's the hillbilly? I thought it was the man with the two first names, but didn't want to make any assumptions.