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Monday, November 19, 2012

SBL today

I've been talking with person after person in Chicago today who are all singing the same tune. It seems that most people have been utterly disappointed with the sessions they've attended.

My experience as been much different. My session today in the Historical Jesus unit was dynamite. Highlights will be discussed later, but Thomas Kazen's and James Crossley's papers were stellar. And the discussion generated after the papers in dialogue with Stephan Patterson was invigorating. Craffert had a very interesting analogy related to a visionary account written by a neurologist... that will be worth writing more about.

more later...


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  1. I was disappointed with my first session — the presenters had to assure us they were not anti-semitic.

    The second session was good, and the first one on fire.

    Sunday I had two session - the first had fireworks and the second one had the purtiest presenter around, me.