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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Mrs. Christ Fragment Story is Far from Over

Over at the Boston Globe:

Lisa Wangsness continues to cover the Jesus' Wife Gospel "discovery" by Harvard Professor Karen King:

Harvard divinity professor relishes adventure, research

My thanks to Mark Goodacre for the heads up.



  1. I wonder if Ms King is developing doubts based on various ideas emerging? The ink tests I have read can be false.

  2. This article is a very interesting follow-up to the discussion we had in class about the fragment. In my opinion, learning more about the background of Ms. King gives more credibility to her claim. When first hearing about the fragment, I think most people wrote it off as being completely false or unbelievable. But by building up King's status as a legitimate Jesus scholar, I began to think a bit more the plausibility of the fragment being authentic.