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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting Around at AAR/SBL

This week many religion and Bible nerds are headed to Chicago to tell each other that we like each other and that we think that we are all quite brilliant. In my opinion, this is only half as well as we deserve, half of the time. Even so, it is a tradition and for many of us it is a chance to see old friends. In order to do so, folks have to look up from their iphones long enough to figure out how the floor plan works in Chicago. It is entirely possible that your hotel is a mile or more away from McCormick Place. If so, you might ask your hotel if they will have a shuttle service. Many folks will have to hoof it or take a cab (Tip: it will be cold outside.)

Once you're at McCormick Place, you'll realize that the complex is made up of five connecting buildings (if you include the Hyatt). Here is the floor plan. If you're a member of the multitudes who attempts to meet your friends out side the book room, you might consider a more specific location. The final page of this pdf will you a lay of the land in nerd paradise. I find that the University of Hawaii Press table is a nice quiet, almost tropical place to relax.


See here for more tips on how to enhance your AAR/SBL experience.

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