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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tuesday at AAR/SBL - Le Donne

I'm very honored to be presenting in both Historical Jesus sessions at SBL this year. If you happen to be attending and have this slot open...

Historical Jesus
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Room: W375c - McCormick Place
James G. Crossley, University of Sheffield, Presiding
Anthony Le Donne, University of the Pacific
The Criterion of Coherence: Its Development, Inevitability, and Historiographical Limitations (30 min)
Brian Pounds, University of Cambridge
Uses and Limitations of the 'Criterion of Crucifiability' (30 min)
Gunnar Samuelsson, University of Gothenburg
Crucifixion in Early Christianity (30 min)
Michael Zolondek, University of Edinburgh
What Makes a Royal Messianic Claimant?: The Preliminary 'Messianic Question' (30 min)
David Shaules, California Lutheran University
The Institution of Communion (30 min)

By the way, you can always tell which paper will be the best by the length of the title.


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