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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

British New Testament Conference Call for Papers—Chris Keith

As a reminder, the Call for Papers for the 2014 British New Testament Conference closes on Friday, April 18.  The meeting this year is at the University of Manchester from September 4 to September 6.  Helen Bond and I convene the Jesus and Gospels Seminar, so you can send proposals to us at or  We will have one open session.  Our lineup for this year is below, and we're very excited to have Jens Schroeter, Eric Eve, and Rafael Rodriguez with us.

Session I: Panel Review of Jens Schroeter, From Jesus to the New Testament (Baylor, 2013).

Session II: Open Session. We welcome offers of papers from postgraduates and established scholars on any aspect of historical Jesus research.
Session III: Invited papers from Eric Eve and Rafael Rodriguez on "Orality and Media in Gospels Studies"

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