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Monday, March 31, 2014

“Noah” is Nowhere Near the Best Theological Acting Russell Crowe Has Ever Done—Chris Keith

I haven't seen "Noah" yet.  I already know one thing about it, however.  It's absolutely nowhere near the best acting Russell Crowed has ever offered the world of Theology.  Thanks to James Smith, I learned of this fantasic film.  I'm happy to see that Anthony Le Donne allowed Russell's friend in this video to borrow his jean shorts.


  1. Things I learned about ministry in Australia:

    1. Sleeves are frowned upon.
    2. It involves a lot of outdoor solitary manual labor, kind of like forestry.
    3. They don't take the "lust in your heart" business all that seriously.
    4. You apply to seminary by circling "yes" on an RSVP card.
    5. Guaranteed lifetime employment. You may end up digging ditches next to telephone poles, but you will be employed.

    1. In addition to that, from what I see at 3:29 and 3:39 you had to wear thick glasses to join a class.. Probably not mandatory, but recommended.