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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cool Virtual Tour of the Second Temple

I'm probably late to the party here as it was posted in 2010. Even so, this virtual tour of the Second Temple is really fun. The background music might be a bit too french-horny, but the architects of this tour do a great job of illustrating the magnificence of the Jerusalem Temple.


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  1. This is handsome enough, but still not nearly as vivid as digital technology makes possible (even by 2010 standards). Why isn't there a publicly accessible walk-through (fly-through) of the Temple with actual animated inhabitants of Jerusalem? The modelling wouldn't be too complicated by any means; the Temple features in the Assassin's Creed game series, and comparable architectural entities appear in Warcraft and other games (heck, there must be a Temple that someone built in their spare time in Minecraft).

    The educational and (presumably) devotional benefits would be great, and the cost inconsequential relative to the sums allotted to print resources. No reason the same premise mightn't apply to models of Rome, Babylon, the Valley of the Kings, Petra, Borobudur, the Acropolis, Angkor Wat.... There was a fly-through of London a few years ago, and Ted Castronova's Arden project (a Shakespearean game world); these things come, make a splash, and go — but UNESCO or the British Library or the Gates Foundation os someone really ought to get on to the value of having persistent online representations of historic, culturally-important sites.