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Monday, March 31, 2014

Christopher Rollston’s Syllabi at—Chris Keith

Over the weekend, Christopher Rollston, currently a Visiting Professor at Tel Aviv University and next year taking up a post at George Washington University, posted a treasure trove to his site.  By trade, Christopher is an epigrapher and archaeologist, as well as a Hebrew Bible/ANE specialist.  He is one of the true gems in biblical scholarship and cognate disciplines, as he is an even better human being and friend than he is a scholar, and that's saying something since he is a recipient of the Frank Moore Cross Award for this book, one of the new BASOR editors (with Eric Cline), and author of some of the most erudite scholarship you'll come across.  Christopher and I have some shared roots, but I first came across his scholarship in my study of ancient Israelite and Jewish literacy.  His interests and areas of expertise spread far and wide, though, and I'm excited to say that he'll be presenting a paper on "The Rise of the Satan in Early Second Temple Judaism" at our upcoming conference at the Centre for the Social-Scientific Study of the Bible on "Evil in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity."  That treasure trove I mentioned?  It's his syllabi.  There's everything there from an introductory course on the Septuagint to a course on Second Temple literature to introductory courses in Sahidic Coptic, Aramaic, and Akkadian!  The internet is incredible.  After this semester, you'll have to pay fees at George Washington University if you want to study with the Real McCoy, but you can have a version of the student experience for free thanks to Christopher's posting of these documents to

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  1. Some of these sent cold shivers down my spine. I took that LXX course with him the last year he taught it (actually, nearly all of those courses). I don't know that I have ever learned so much from a single course.