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Monday, April 21, 2014

I Will Be Presenting in the Big Easy this Thursday - Le Donne

This Thursday (4/24/14) I will be giving a lecture at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. My presentation is titled "When Did Jesus Become Great?" The fun begins at 3 pm.

In this lecture I will discuss a few tendencies in historical Jesus scholarship. Many historians argue that Jesus' greatness was recognized during his lifetime. Categories such as healer, prophet, messiah, and Son of Man are often used as ciphers to interpret Jesus' public career. Many other scholars argue that Jesus became a "great man" in retrospect. In this view, Jesus was aggrandized by his followers using such titles. I will argue that several modern philosophical factors are at work in this scholarly divide. These include (neo)Romanticism, Christian supersessionism, the (re)emphasis of Jesus' Jewishness, and the ongoing influence of Albert Schweitzer. In keeping with my own tendencies, I will do my best resist either/or dichotomies.

If you're near the NOBTS campus, stop by and introduce yourself!


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  1. Will you publishing your comments? (Oh, I am a new reader of the blog. I am a seminarian at Lexington Theological Seminary and am particularly interested in Historical Jesus Studies as well as the Jewishness of Jesus. I love the blog!)