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Monday, April 7, 2014

On the Fine Art of Eating Humble Pie—Chris Keith

Since I ran my mouth several weeks ago about loving the Louisville Cardinals and hating the Kentucky Wildcats, only for Kentucky to beat Louisville and end up tonight in the national championship (ugh, it pains me to write these words), I thought I should share some of the humble pie I've had to eat.  I made a bet on the Louisville/Kentucky game with my good friend and former teammate Andy Carter, who happens to be a lifelong UK fan.  The stakes were our Facebook profiles.  I lost, and so this is what mine has looked like.  The only great news about tonight is that, one way or another, my Facebook profile is changing here soon.  Go Huskies!  (Did I just write that?!  What is this basketball season
 coming to?  Has spring football started yet?  Yes?  Oh, good.)

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