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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Radical Orthodoxy (online journal)

This is for all of you theology nerds:

you're welcome.

Radical Orthodoxy: Theology, Philosophy, Politics

This is a new online journal dedicated to the discussion of the proposition that credally orthodox Christianity is the most transformative of all cultural phenomena and that it remains the ineliminable core of the Middle-Eastern and European-originated civilisational project. It freely invites contributions both from those who agree with this proposition – in whatever sense – and those who reject it.

The journal intends uniquely to combine the academic and the current; the intellectual and the popular. To this end it intends to publish both pieces longer and shorter than those carried by the typical academic journal, as well as some of the usual length: taking full advantage of the flexibility offered by the online format.

‘Theology’ is taken to include theologies of all kinds, besides a predominant concern with the implications of orthodox Christian theology in particular. ‘Philosophy’ is intended in the most ample possible sense, to include all the various schools, Eastern and Western, Ancient, Medieval and Modern, Continental and Analytic. It is also taken to extend to all branches of aesthetics, including literary, art and music criticism, besides the philosophy of science. ‘Politics’ is taken to include both political theory in the past and the present, and political practice, especially in the present. More widely, it is intended to indicate the entire practical branch of philosophy, and so to cover also ethical, social, economic and cultural theory.

The journal will normally be published four times a year and each of the four issues will have a distinctive purpose; There will be: 1. A General issue which will publish a diverse range of submitted articles; 2. A Special issue which will be devoted to a specific topic and will include both commissioned pieces and uncommissioned ones subject to peer review; 3. A Reviews issue which will seek to discuss some of the most important books published within a 12 month period in both short notices and review-articles; 4. A Current Affairs issue which will seek to mediate between academic and media analysis of contemporary events and cultural conditions. In this issue especially, but also in all the issues, we hope to include articles by both academics (established and emerging) and those engaged in other modes of writing and activity.

All articles will be peer-reviewed, because a further aim of the journal is to combine relevance with rigour, as well as rigour with relevance.

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  1. Isn't Christianity a quantum leap in the evolutionary scale, so it truly is radical! "Why should I love my enemy"? is not radical enough for which person? Besides the paradigm for Eastern Orthodox is that it was not tainted by The Reformation "suffered" by Western Europe (even unto today) while their scholars kept producing works on Christology.