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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jesus’ Literacy reviewed in RSR—Chris Keith

The most recent volume of Religious Studies Review includes a review of my Jesus’ Literacy: Scribal Cultureand the Teacher from Galilee by C. Thomas Fraatz.  It’s very positive and I’m grateful.  He does say several times that I seem to be following Dale Allison’s approach with social memory, and my ego compels me to clarify that, although I slotted Allison into the discussion once his book came out, I wrote all of it before it came out, and was working with social memory as a grad student almost ten years ago (following Tom Thatcher as it were, not Allison).  But, being accused of following Allison puts me in great company!  Thanks C. Thomas!

I’ll have some more posts on Jesus’ Literacy coming soon.

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