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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Did Christianity Get Jesus Wrong?

This is an overtly Christian point of view - so one should know that going in - but Gathercole is always worth a listen. My thanks to John Byron for posting this a while back.

Full youtube here.



  1. What is an "overtly Christian" view as opposed to a liberal, moderate, conservative, skeptical, evangelical Christian view? Can one be an overtly liberal Christian? Or, an overtly conservative Christian?

    1. I suppose that an overtly Xn view would be a view coming from someone who identifies as a Xn. And I suppose that this could take several forms. I don't think that "overtly Xn" needs to be opposed to any of the categories you provide. I don't claim to know upon which side Dr. Gathercole's bread is buttered. But he identifies as a Xn - for what that's worth.... probably very little (which is probably your point).