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Monday, June 3, 2013

Lightfoot's notes on Acts - Le Donne

I've been following Ben Witherington's chronicle of his time in Durham (with no little nostalgia).  This piece might be his most interesting entry yet.  He's (re)discovered J. B. Lightfoot's unpublished commentary notes on the Acts of the Apostles. They seem to have been misfiled in the Monk's Dormitory - a library adjacent to the cathedral cloisters (where I worked on my dissertation quite often).



  1. I have to wonder what other undiscovered treasures lie there!

  2. Oh his lecture notes on the Gospel of John, on 1 Peter, on other Pauline material, and on early Judaism :) The good news is, Baker's going to publish all this stuff. We are working on it now. Cordially, BW3