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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism—Chris Keith

I’ve recently received from SPCK a copy of Christopher M. Hays and Christopher B. Ansberry’s Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism.  I haven’t gotten to read it yet but will post some thoughts here as I do, as I hope Anthony will also.  I’m excited as it seems to be an important book on a topic that has received much attention of late due to something of a renewal of anti-intellectualism in American (evangelical) Christianity.  The authors discuss topics such as the fall, the exodus, prophecy, pseudepigraphy, and the historical Jesus, among others.  At first glance, what seems to set this book apart from some other studies is that it takes seriously and accepts many of the conclusions of historical criticism rather than seeking some apologetic knee-jerk reaction to them.  That’s the initial impression at least, and I hope it holds true.  I’m looking forward to the chapter on the historical Jesus, but also the editors’ contributions:  Hays’s “Towards a faithful criticism” (Chapter One) and both of their “Faithful criticism and a critical faith” (Chapter Nine).  More to come....

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