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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Al from Florida Writes... (Summer Edition)

Dear James,

As we approach what you Brits call "autumn", please could you tell us what you've been doing this summer?


Dear Al,

Great question! I won't go over growing vegetables, PES or No Man's Sky because there aren't many biblical references there (though one day I'd like to grow a garden of biblical plants). I have, however, been interviewing people from a place called "Barrow-in-Furness" about the Brexit and the Bible, the results of which have just been published in Relegere where you can download the article for free. While I maintained a professional distance, some of the subalterns did use a lot of idiomatic cusswords, just like the "weapons of the weak" were used in Galilee. If that's not your thing, you've been warned; if it is you're thing, hopefully they won't disappoint.

Enjoy your fall,

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  1. Dear James:

    It's true that No Man's Sky has few obvious biblical references. However, like most Science Fiction tales or games, it has lots of theological aspects.

    For one thing, there's the 1) notion that the universe we live in is a delusion. (In this case, a computer similation). And furthermore, 2) in that illusory universe, it is in part a Priest - Nada - who claims to have partially escaped the delusion.

    Then too, 3) part of the message seems to correspond to humanistic theology. That we or the still rather human simulator creator, Atlas - who,from Greek myfh, holds up the world, rather as a quasi creator - might earn the right to change that illusion.

    We might remake the universe - and even Heaven, or the "Sky."

    For that matter, Pro Evolutionary Soccer has some religious overtones as well....