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Thursday, September 29, 2016

More Videos from the 2016 Memory Conference at St Mary’s—Chris Keith

More videos from the 2016 Memory Conference at St Mary's University, Twickenham are now available online.  For the sake of convenience, I'll post here also the links that I earlier posted.  Make sure to check out Crossley's especially, since this is where he reads the paper in his skull and crossbones shirt.  He's bound to break out a Misfits t-shirt for his forthcoming inaugural lecture.

Chris Keith (read by Steve Walton), "The Memory Approach and the Reception of Jesus"
Christine Jacobi, "The Reception of Jesus in Paul"
Discussion after Keith and Jacobi
Richard Bauckham, "The Psychology of Eyewitness Memory"
Helen Bond, "The Reception of Jesus in the Gospel of John"
Discussion after Bauckham and Bond
Jens Schroeter, "Memory and Theories of History"

Samuel Byrskog, "Memory and Narrative"
Sandra Huebenthal, "The Reception of Jesus in Mark's Gospel"
Discussion after Byrskog and Huebenthal
Alan Kirk, "Memory and Media"
Joan Taylor, "The Reception of Images of Jesus prior to Constantine"
Discussion after Kirk and Taylor
Ruben Zimmermann, "Memory and Jesus' Parables"
James Crossley, "The Reception of Jesus in Talmudic Literature"
Discussion after Zimmermann and Crossley

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the videos of Rafael Rodriguez's and Anthony Le Donne's papers, and I'll update this list when they are ready.

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