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Thursday, September 22, 2016

2016 Memory Conference Videos are Available!—Chris Keith

I'm delighted to inform readers of the Jesus Blog that videos of some of the lectures from the conference are now available at YouTube and the Conference Highlights page of the CSSSB website.  (If you go to the latter, note that it will look like only one video from the conference is available but you can navigate to seven total.)

If you wish to go directly, here are the links:

Chris Keith (read by Steve Walton), "The Memory Approach and the Reception of Jesus"
Christine Jacobi, "The Reception of Jesus in Paul"
Discussion after Keith and Jacobi
Richard Bauckham, "The Psychology of Eyewitness Memory"
Helen Bond, "The Reception of Jesus in the Gospel of John"
Discussion after Bauckham and Bond
Jens Schroeter, "Memory and Theories of History"

These are the lectures from only the first day.  The sound is not always perfect, and for a reason that I'm not quite sure, Jens's lecture cuts off just a bit early.  I'll share the other videos when they're available.


  1. Hey Chris, thanks so much for posting these links! Extremely helpful.

  2. Chris, I'm so thankful for this! Glorious.