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Monday, November 23, 2015

Who's having the best SBL? James Crossley is. WHOO!—Chris Keith

Due to a variety of reasons, especially the fact that Baby Keith #3 is due basically any day now, I'm not in Atlanta for the Bible Nerd Fest known as the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature.  I miss it and am jealous of those who are there.  But I'm not jealous of anyone more than my St Mary's colleague, James Crossley.  Yes, that's right folks.  There's James in Atlanta with none other than the Nature Boy on the right.  WHOOO!

Don't know who the Nature Boy is?  I'm saddened to hear that, but try here.


  1. Re Nature Boy at SBL: This only serves to verify Paula Fredricksen's contention that Biblical scholarship is "a contact sport."

    1. Paula used to write for the New Republic. A good but often polemical, non-scholarly publication. She often sounds feisty, but not entirely sound. Wish she'd tone it down sometimes.

      Can't remember if I ever arm-wrestled her when I was living in Boston.

  2. Nature Boy the pro wrestler, sadly, passed away in June. So this must be his exciting resurrection of course.

    For obvious reasons, he would naturally have reappeared at a Society of Biblical Literatur, of course. Which long foretold and welcomes his timely return.