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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Now in Press! Jesus and the Last Supper

Congratulations to Brant Pitre who wrote this 600-page monster. And compliments to Eerdmans for producing such a fine product! I'm sure that Dr. Pitre will want to post a bit about this book in due course. For now I'll just share what my inside-flap blurb says:

"Now more that ever the field of historical Jesus is in a state of flux. The discipline is razing old foundations with the hope that more sophisticated methods will emerge. With Jesus and the Last Supper Brant Pitre suggests a bridge from the best scholarship of previous generations to the most promising possibilities of the present. This book is nothing less than a blueprint for resurrecting Jesus studies in the 21st century." —Anthony Le Donne, United Theological Seminary, Dayton


  1. I'm busily linking the Lords Supper to the practice of lords. To allow those who worked for them, to get a daily stay or ration of bread or food. And even a place at his own dinner table. In exchange for their loyal service and devotion.

    So: follow the Lord, and he will let you come to the Lord's Table, to give you your daily bread. And with food, life.

    Is this sort of socio-economic analysis addressed in the book?

  2. Anthony, thanks so much for your kind words! I hadn't actually read your blurb until I got my copy in the mail on Friday. It was extremely humbling and gratifying. I will indeed say more about the book in the weeks to come. For now, one thing: Is that a sweet looking cover, or what?! (Willem Mineur, my favorite Eerdmans jacket designer).

  3. Who are all those sort of fallen-looking disciples, lounging, eating, on the floor?

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