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Monday, November 2, 2015

"Just Ask James" continued...

Our introduction and first installment of "Just Ask James" prompted a flood of emails. Most of these questions related to formal dining etiquette. Please, for all that is holy, bread should never be cut at the table! If you must, simply tear off bite-sized pieces. People, if we cannot respect the proper use of cutlery we're on a slippery slope to chaos!

Those of you who emailed Dr. Crossley with questions related to historical Jesus research will be happy to hear that your questions have been considered and carefully dismissed. If you have not heard back from Dr. Crossley or his staff, it is because your question was unimportant. So great news! You can stop worrying about it.

All kidding aside, the email response has been fantastic and brimming with interesting topics. Stay tuned for installment number two of "Just Ask James."

If you have a question about the historical Jesus, historical Jesus research, or Jesus as an ideological construct in modern political thought, email

Thank you again for participating!

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