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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Leadership Principles of Jesus - Le Donne

I like airport bookstores. They provide something of a microcosm of popular culture. If you find yourself in this petri dish and your eye is caught by books about Jesus, you will inevitably find a book about the "leadership" of Jesus. You will find these books next to books by Donald Trump and Zig Ziglar. A quick search on amazon yields dozens of such titles. Here are just a few:

Jesus on Leadership
The Leadership Style of Jesus: How to Make a Lasting Impact
The Leadership Principles of Jesus: Modern Parables of Achievement and Motivation
A Life of Impact: Leadership Principles of Jesus
Gospel Driven Leadership: 5 Non-Negotiable, Unchanging, and Eternal Principles for Leading Like 

I confess that I've never read one. I've looked at a few tables of contents and skimmed a page or two. I have, however, read the Gospels several times over and I can't help but wonder: what would be the market value of this book?

The Leadership Failures of Jesus 

Chapter One: Confusing People on Purpose
Chapter Two: Sowing Seeds Haphazardly
Chapter Three: Alienating Your Family in One Simple Step
Chapter Four: Enabling Lazy and Disrespectful People
Chapter Five: The Art of Pissing Off Almost Everybody
Chapter Six: Sabotaging the Longevity of Your Career
Chapter Seven: Scaring the Bejesus out of People in Graveyards

Am I missing any chapters?



  1. Chapter Eight: Making Countless False Promises of Miracles

  2. How about Refusing to Remove the Traitor from Among Your Followers?

  3. The miracle of the scandal: creating scandals out of nothing.

  4. Geoffrey D. McElroyJuly 5, 2014 at 9:16 PM

    How about: "Mark-eting: Keys to Keeping Your Product Secret From Everyone"

  5. Chapter Eight: Maximizing Your Influence in the Local Worship Scene, or Table Throwing 101

  6. Takin' out my ten foot pole ... reaching towards this post ... nope. Not long enough.

  7. Hello Anthony,

    You did not miss any chapter buddy. I want to read complete chapters of I love the leadership failures of Jesus.

    Any advice?


  8. Chapter: What Jesus thought were his worst failures

  9. Confusing Pisciculture and Anthropological Activity

  10. Chapter Nine: Letting women run some ministry operations.

  11. I hope that I'm missing some kind of irony here, Bex.


  12. I was thinking of the more, shall we say, patriarchal Christian types who wouldn't approve of that sort of thing and would certainly consider it a failure of leadership.