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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Inkling Edition of Sumney's Bible Introduction

Fortress Press has made Jerry Sumney's excellent introduction to the Bible available in an e-format. I was part of the team that enhanced this edition. It includes:

...the full text of the print textbook PLUS the chapter summaries and primary sources from the print Study Companion, PLUS enhancements that engage students like never before!
• Audio and video clips that further explain key concepts
• Poptips, links, and callout boxes for deeper learning
• Guided tour, slideshow, and hotspot images for visual learners and better understanding
• Self-tests that lead students to additional information about questions they answered incorrectly
• Social note-taking that optimizes group study and whole-class inquiry and discussion
• Full-text search capabilities, bookmarks, highlighting, and note-taking features for discovering, synthesizing, and retaining important information

In addition to being part of this team, I was also the lead author for the study companion. This companion text (available in both print and e-formats) is heavy on excerpts from Ancient Near Eastern texts (both inside and outside the Bible) and questions for discussion/reflection. It is written for beginners.


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