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Friday, May 9, 2014

Library of New Testament Studies—Chris Keith

As Mark Goodacre has announced on the NT Blog, I have officially succeeded him as the editor of the Library of New Testament Studies monograph series.  As someone who has published in this series, I am particularly excited about the opportunity to continue the fantastic work that Mark has done for the past ten years.  I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate him on a job well done and say thank you on behalf of all the authors who have had the pleasure of working with him.  I will work hard to continue the high standard he has set, and along those lines welcome potential authors to contact me.  Congratulations, Mark, and thanks for a decade of excellence!


  1. Congratulations, Chris.

    I want to talk to you sometime about publishing a 4- or 5-volume response to your views on Jesus' literacy.

  2. Dr. Keith,

    Congratulations. LNTS has a good future.

  3. Most distinguished series ever! ;-) Congrats!

  4. Congrats Chris!!!! LNTS is in good hands!

  5. Many thanks to you all. I look forward to continuing Mark's work.