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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Evil Conference Schedule and Presenters—Chris Keith

The "Evil in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity" conference here at St Mary's, sponsored by the Centre for the Social-Scientific Study of the Bible, is all set for later this month.  It will be a two-day conference on May 23 and 24, and we now have a tentative schedule, which I include below.  To register (there is a student discount), please go here.

“Evil in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity”

May 23–24, 2014

Centre for the Social Scientific Study of the Bible

St Mary’s University, Twickenham

Friday, May 23rd

12.30              Registration opens
1.00–1.10       Welcome (Arthur Naylor, St Mary’s
                       University Vice Chancellor)
1.20–1.30       Welcome (Chris Keith)

1.30–2.10       “Evil at Qumran” (Jutta Leonhardt-
                       Balzer, University of Aberdeen)
2.10–2.40       “Evil in 4QInstruction” (Benjamin Wold,
                       Trinity College, Dublin)
2.40–3.20       “The Rise of the Satan in Early Second Temple Judaism” (Christopher Rollston, 
                       Tel Aviv University/George Washington University)

3.20–3.40       coffee and tea break

3.40–4.10       “Evil's Aetiology and False Dichotomies in Jewish Apocalyptic and Paul” (Jamie
                        Davies, University of St Andrews)
4.10–4.40       “Evil in the Ascension of Isaiah” (Jonathan Knight, Katie Wheeler Research Trust)
4.40–5.10       “Apocalyptic Experience in the Theodicy of 4 Ezra” (Robbie Griggs, University of

5.10–5.30       coffee and tea break

5.30–6.30       Keynote Address:  “How Much Does the Christ Event Solve? Evil in New Testament
                       Theology and Its Relation to Jewish Theology” (Loren Stuckenbruck, LMU–München)
7.00                supper at La Dolce Vita for those who have reserved a place, otherwise the St Mary’s
                       dining room will be open

 Saturday, May 24th

7.00–9.00        breakfast (your own arrangements)
9.00–9.10        Welcome (Steve Walton)
9.10–9.40        “Evil and the Apostle Paul” (Chris Tilling, St Mellitus College)
9.40–10.10      “Evil and the Kosmos in Paul” (Edward Adams, King’s College, London)
10.10–10.40    “Artemis, Demons, Mammon and Satan: The Construal of Evil in 1 Timothy” (Lloyd
                         Pietersen, formerly University of Gloucestershire)

10.40–11.00    coffee and tea break

11.00–11.30    “Release from Satan in the Healings of Jesus” (James Crossley, University of
11.30–12.00    “Overcoming Satan, Overcoming the World: Exploring the Cosmologies of Mark and 
                         John” (Christopher Skinner, University of Mount Olive)
12.00–12.30    Darkness as Non-Being and the Origin of Evil in John’s Gospel” (Jonathan
                         Draper, University of Kwazulu-Natal)

12.30–2.00      lunch (your own arrangements: the St Mary’s dining room will be open)

2.00–2.30        “A Theology of Evil in the Epistle of James” (Nicholas Ellis, Duke University)
2.30–3.00        “The Evil of the Tongue: Evil and the Ethics of Speech in the New
                        Testament” (Susanne Luther, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)

3.00–3.10        break

3.10–3.40        “Evil and Acts 19” (Steve Walton, St Mary’s University, Twickenham)
3.40–4.10        “Variants of Evil in the New Testament” (Tommy Wasserman, Örebro School of

4.10–4.30        coffee and tea

4.30–5.00        “Evil and the Book in Early Christianity” (Chris Keith, St Mary’s University,
5.00–5.30        “Evil in Marcion’s Conception of the Old Testament God” (Dieter T. Roth, Johannes
                        Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)
5.30–6.00        “The Role of the Devil in the Acts of the Martyrs” (Paul Middleton, University of



  1. looks like a great program-- a veritable Who's Who of evil presenters (which I could be there). scott caulley

  2. This conference looks fascinating. If I stow aboard a freighter now, I wonder if I can get to Twickenham in time.