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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Poem I Love - Le Donne

I don't know poetry well enough to have an opinion that matters. But I was a founding member of the "Wood Shed Society" during my university days. This was an elite group of five college students who met for midnight poetry readings once a week for a couple years. So I have a bit of street cred in the Vancouver area, at least.

I was recently given a copy of Stephanie Barbé Hammer's wonderful collection of poems How Formal? I don't mind saying that some of these poems are breathtaking. I particularly like a poem called "Ars Judaica" which provides several windows into conversion experience - in this case, conversion to Judaism. This is something that I know nothing about. Really quite gripping. Here is a poem that I love:


Torah Bones

cradled for the first time in these arms
there is a clicking of sticks
a soft settling of joints

all ribs, spines, and shanks
this curious body's ungainly
cumbersomely easy to hold
ancient child
whose flesh is


You can hear more from Stephanie at



  1. Thank you so much for reading, commenting on, and kindly reposting this poem! I'm thrilled that "Torah Bones" works for you and that you are experiencing HOW FORMAL? as a good read. Thank you again!

    1. Thank you for this wonderful book, Stephanie!