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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wayne Coppins' Great Idea

I think I've posted about Wayne's new blog before, but I will again. Whether you're a student at the early stages of learning German, or it's been awhile since you've translated, German for Neutestamentler provides a great service. The idea is simple. He writes:
This blog will be primarily devoted to matters pertaining to the translation of German New Testament scholarship. I hope that students, scholars, and fellow translators will find it useful for their own efforts to read and translate German texts.
Wayne's blog functions almost as a worktable for German-to-English translation and we all get to watch him work. He hopes to write a new post every Monday. This week featured comparisons of an important passage from one of Jens Schröter’s essays. Wayne compares his translation to my earlier attempts at the same passage.


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