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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Early Returns from Harvard MOOC on Paul's Letters?

I have been fascinated by the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for The Letters of Paul offered by Laura Nasrallah of Harvard. A few weeks ago, the Huffington Post reported that the course
began just last week, and currently boasts a registration statistic of 22,000 students from 180 countries, according to information from edX. So far, 14,343 students have accessed the course software, spending a cumulative total of 2,822 hours in the course (approximately 201 days) where it's possible to annotate text using the Poetry Genius website, view video lectures, and complete exercises.
The course is taught by Laura and four PhD candidates and looks to be "largest and most concentrated scholarly discussion of Biblical studies in history." This is nothing short of impressive.

I would like to hear from anyone taking this course. What has your experience been like so far? How does this format compare to other online classes you've taken? Is the course on pace to meet its expressed learning outcomes?


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