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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Goodacre asks: Where to Begin?

Over at NT Pod (what you've never heard of NT Pod?! Allow me change your life with this link) Mark Goodacre asks a very important question:

Where do we begin Historical Jesus research?

I often get asked about seminary / theological education. Where to go? What to study? Are theologians made of green cheese? etc. I have often pointed such inquiring minds to Mark's podcasts. I say, "Look here, my friend, why don't you listen to a few of these free samplings? See if you like them. If you can stomach Dr. Goodacre's absurd Australian accent (really, he sounds quite British to me; it's all very suspicious) and you find yourself fascinated by his big face, perhaps you might be well-suited for theological education."



  1. Take it from an Aussie - Mark does *not* have an Australian accent, but he does do good podcasts. :-)

  2. According to Wikipedia—that most reliable of sources—Mark was born in Leicestershire, United Kingdom, studied at Oxford, and taught at Birmingham. Now mix in the inevitable effect of his current North Carolina context and I suppose you might get an "absurd Australian accent" that "sounds quite British."

  3. Thanks for the link, I will be doing a lot of listening!