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Friday, January 17, 2014

Peter Enns on OT/NT (Dis)Continuity - Le Donne

Pete Enns continues the always interesting and puzzling discussion of the portrayals of God in Jewish and Christian scriptures. He specifically addresses the continuity and discontinuity between the themes of exclusion/hostility/violence and their counterparts.

I chime in a bit in the comments below his post.


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  1. When I read in the Gospels about Jesus of Nazareth proclaiming and demonstrating whole-hearted and unswerving loyalty to the God of Israel while simultaneously eschewing all military, and even all violent, actions, I scratch my head and wonder how He derived that position from the same Old Testament documents that we are reading.

    I don't for a moment question His judgment, or wish He had taken any other position. I'm just amazed that He was able to use the Scriptures to come to that conclusion. It tells me I still have much to learn about how to read the Bible.