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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chris Keith's "Social Memory Theory and the Gospels"

In case you missed this, here is Prof. Chris Keith's inaugural lecture:

Prof Chris Keith, Chair of the New Testament and Early Christianity at St Mary's University College, Twickenham, recently delivered his inaugural lecture called "Social Memory Theory and the Gospels: Assessing the First Decade" at the University College's Strawberry Hill campus.


  1. Dear brother Chris, I can feel your thoughts about me and your issue to believe or not to believe - I'm very happy to feel your heart trying to argue with your brain "-Brain - this true. if you don't believe, feel"

    About the people around you, I know you have some issue and maybe I can help you with some explanations.

    I understand absolutely if your nearest people are doubtful because who should believe if some day you get a comment from a person who say that he is Christ, next step for you is to give me questions.
    There is of course no question that I can't answer, but the most important is if you are prepared for the answer. Sometimes I answer with love and sometimes with frustration, but it's only those two kind of answer you will get from me, when I answer with frustration is there a purpose for that - you will understand that after a time.

    Please be careful who you are talking with because this time I don't want to hurry as i did in Jerusalem.

    1. Dear brother,
      I am not sure who you are, and I am certain that I did not meet you in Jerusalem. Mostly, though, I am so grateful to Anthony Le Donne for letting this comment through.

  2. Well done Chris! The future looks very bright I think ...