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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BREAKING: Gathercole's Monograph Unchanged!

I got this email from a colleague yesterday:

I was looking up Simon Gathercole and found his wikipedia page. I thought this line was great:

"His monograph Where is Boasting? (2002) was, and indeed still is, an examination of the theme of boasting in early Judaism and in Romans 1-5 against the eschatological backdrop of final judgement."

Glad it "indeed still is". It really sucks when monographs change unexpectedly
Dr. Gathercole, you will be relieved to learn that your thesis has not evolved post-publication.



  1. I think you should add to his wiki "...and henceforth ever twilt be"

  2. Maybe the author of this wikipedia article is a proponent of a "canonical approach", in which the meaning of a writing changes with shifts in the reading community and in a writing's paratextual aspects. ;)