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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Top Ten Reasons Why My Book is Titled “The Wife of Jesus” - Le Donne

10) Films, fictions, and feasible forgeries have constructed this title and category.  My book speaks directly to the construct.

9) I just really love the definite article.

8) Chris Keith and I flipped a coin. I got the wife topic and he got the literacy question.

7) The title “Bride of Christ” would have given away the ending. This was my biggest complaint with the New Testament... so predictable.

6) It was a typo – it should have read The Life of Jesus.

5) I had a dance-off with Robert Gundry for the topic.  And won!  He won’t be showing his face around here for a while.

4) My publishers didn’t go for the title “Modern Scandals about a God in Sandals”…. among others.

3) The title Inferno was taken… twice.

2) I felt it was time revisit the topic, offering evidence for and against a married Jesus.

...and the top reason why my book is titled The Wife of Jesus:

1) I felt that the title “The Wives of Jesus” would have been too controversial.

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  1. C'mon: the real top reason is that it's a book, and (as any other book) it must sell.. The title "The Wife of Jesus" sells :-) In fact it sounds like a Ehrman's book title, and the cover resembles some Ehrmans' covers (as well as the "Da Vinci Code")! So, I will pre-order a copy to save the universe :-) Ciao

    1. I sure hope you're right... But, if it were an Ehrman title, it would be something like: "Who Gagged the Wife of Jesus?" or "Raiders of the Lost Wife" - something with penache.


    2. Now THAT would be a fun contest: what would your book be titled if it was written by a different, famous Bible scholar? I'd go with living or dead, but no titles in German.

  2. Ah ah! You're right, my philology skills are not as good as yours: the lack of terms like "forgery", "deceit", "hidden" and "misquoted" clearly points to a non-Ehrman source :-)