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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Public Retraction Concerning Luther's Anti-Judaism - Le Donne

Almost every Paul course I've taught has included a class devoted to Luther's anti-Judaism. Today I must apologize for a statement about Luther that turns out to be misleading. I have, in these contexts, spoken of the "early Luther" and the "later Luther" concerning his anti-Judaism. The early Luther (or so I thought) seems to have more respect for the kinsmen of Jesus. Although, I suggest in this work that it was Luther's intention to proselytize that fueled his superficial respect.

I no longer think that a distinction between the young Luther and the man he became is helpful. His Dictata super Psalterium marks his early career and is laced with anti-Judaism. So it turns out that the man was a total arse on this topic, pretty much his whole life (sans a short lapse into veiled respect).

In sum, and in retraction, Luther = total arse on the topic of Judaism. I would use stronger language, but that would be a move more befitting of Luther.



  1. perhaps reading an actual scholar of luther might help-

    1. Always edified by your retorts Zwingli.

      I've been reading Brooks Schramm among others... as well as Luther himself.