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Friday, June 7, 2013

My JSHJ Response Essay - Le Donne

The latest Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus issue is now available.

This issue features a critique of "conversative" scholars applying (or misappropriating) memory studies by Zeba Crook. I offer a response essay and he offers a short rejoinder.


More on this exchange here.


  1. Does he actually refer to you as a "conservative" scholar? That's ironic, considering you lost your job at a "conservative" school for not being "conservative" enough.....

    1. Dr. Crook's beef is really with Bauckham, Dunn, and Keener. To a lesser extent with Allison and McIver. I guess I'm being lumped into the bunch here and there.

      He interacts with my introductory textbook quite a bit.

      Worth a look if you have the access.


    2. In fact, no he does not have a "beef" even "to a lesser extent" with Allison (as the short rejoinder makes clear), nor does he come close to placing Allison in the same category as McIver (in any way other than an interest in the gist of Jesus). And nor, does he refer to Le Donne as "conservative." And no less, Le Donne is complimented and set apart from the other repeatedly in the article. Sorry folks, no irony here.


  2. Sounds really interesting. I think I am looking forward to the session on memory with Keith, Crook, Rodriguez and Foster the most out of everything at SBL Baltimore (and I know it won't clash with my session because Crossley is introducing it while I also convinced him to give a paper with me on Papias and "Q")