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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Jesus Inside and Outside the New Testament

David Capes alerts us to a panel discussion titled "Jesus in the Canonical and Gnostic Gospels." The video is here (scroll to the bottom) alongside several other interesting lectures and panels. The panel includes:

Simon Gathercole (Professor and Fellow at Cambridge University)
David Chapman (Associate Professor of New Testament and Archaeology, Scripture and Interpretation, Covenant Theological Seminary)
David Capes (Thomas Nelson Professor at Houston Baptist University)
Peter Davids (Visiting Professor at Houston Baptist University)

I'm grateful for this resource and I'm considering using it for an up-coming online class. It presents several theologically conservative perspectives on Jesus inside and outside the New Testament. If I use this resource, it will be balanced with other resources that offer a wider range of perspectives.



  1. Anthony, thank you. Can we expect from the organisers a "definition" of Gnostic Gospels? Maybe it would be better to say "Apocryphal" or "Gospels from Nag Hammadi Library"? Just a thought, but thank you for this note. Piotr

    1. Point well taken, Piotr! Of course, the label "gnostic" isn't applied until the modern period.


    2. On the other hand, the word" gnostic" is a useful generally descriptive or classification term. One that finds a single common class membership to otherwise seemingly unrelated phenomena. Especially their Platonistic disregard for the material "world." And the lionization of the internal "spirit," and its asserted homeland, often in "heaven."

  2. Excellent. I saw David Chapman deliver a fantastic presentation on crucifixion in antiquity at the most recent Central States Regional SBL Meeting in St. Louis.