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Friday, August 7, 2015

The Chris Keith Interview

Representing Biblical Studies Online, I interview Chris Keith. We/Chris discuss/es various issues relating to historical Jesus studies, including social memory, form criticism, and the criteria of authenticity. The interview can be downloaded from iTunes or streamed (or downloaded) from here.

Chris should be known to readers of this blog.


  1. It's always comforting to know that a scholar, whose book I've invested in, hangs around bars/pubs rather than a library. :)

  2. Great interview, guys. Thanks for doing this, it's very helpful.

    I really appreciated Chris' answer to James' question about how to do history after the criteria. I totally agree that there has always been more to HJ research than the criteria, and really like what you say about the historian's role in doing history - it's up to us to make the arguments.

    - Jordan Ryan

    1. Thanks, Jordan! We're looking forward to seeing your arguments about the historical Jesus here in due course!