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Monday, April 15, 2013

On the Dangers of Googling Oneself—Chris Keith

I admit it. Every once in a while, I google myself. And sometimes what I find either amuses or frightens me, especially when I wonder whether others have confused me with some of these Chris Keiths.

For the sake of clarity, then, this Chris Keith who has written a bit of Christian fiction is not me, despite the fact that Amazon occasionally puts our books together under the common author “Chris Keith,” an understandable mistake for a computer to make.  Likewise, this Chris Keith who is a Christian music artist in Nashville also is not me, although at one time I too wore earrings.  This Chris Keith who is a lawyer in Panama City is not me, although I did spend some time in Panama City once where I attended a Too Live Crew concert at Club La Vela while wearing an Elvis t-shirt.  This Chris Keith who survived a terrible ordeal is not me, although people once contacted my former employer thinking that he was me.  This Chris Keith who is a professional bodybuilder is not me as well, although I can completely understand how easy it would
be for someone to make this mistake given our similarities! I know James Crossley at Sheffield University has this problem of mistaken identity as well.

I do sometimes laugh thinking that every once in a while one of these Chris Keiths gets a nasty email from someone who is disagreeing with something that he wrote about the New Testament and early Christianity!


  1. I should note that I am Jon Weatherly, not sound-alike Shawn Weatherly, Miss Universe 1980 and star of Baywatch.

  2. Chris, I don't know how I got a link to this but I found it delightful. A new problem in the digital age. Thanks and well done.
    I also learned for the first time (my bad) about your book on Jesus' Literacy which I will get and read with interest.
    Tom Boomershine