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Monday, April 29, 2013

Memory Studies and the Historical Jesus at SBL 2013—Chris Keith

Some readers of the Jesus Blog will be interested to see this lineup for a special session on Memory Studies at the Historical Jesus group of the Society of Biblical Literature.  I’m excited to participate in this session and thank James Crossley and Bob Webb for organizing it.  No doubt, it will be lively, but all the people participating are excellent scholars and even better people.  We’ll include more information for the session later when it is available.

Historical Jesus
Time TBD
Date TBD
Room TBD
Memory Studies in Historical Jesus Research
James Crossley, University of Sheffield, Introduction (5 min)
Chris Keith, Saint Mary's University College (Twickenham)
The Past Approaching and Approaching the Past: The Contribution of Memory Studies to Historical Jesus Research (25 min)
Zeba Crook, Carleton University
Memory Distortion and the Historical Jesus (25 min)
Rafael Rodríguez, Johnson University
An Uneasy Concord: Memory and History in Contemporary Jesus Research (25 min)
Paul Foster, University of Edinburgh
Memory: Help or Hindrance in Historical Jesus Research? (25 min)
Discussion (45 min)

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