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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Top Ten Reasons Not to Start a Weblog

10) Those who start weblogs tend to use words like “weblog”.

9) Mel Gibson is going to say something about somebody to someone at some point.

8) Becoming a blogger makes it significantly harder to pretend to be better than bloggers.

7) Martin Hengel never blogged.

6) Staving off buxom blog groupies is exhausting.

5) Eventually, all blogs devolve into science fiction arguments.

4) Bloggers do not have editors to ctach typos.

3) Time spent blogging directly diminishes time spent watching baseball.

2) Scot McKnight told us not to.

And the number one reason why one should not start a weblog:

1) There is the ever-present danger of succumbing to the temptation of the banal top ten list.


  1. Okay. I give up. I'll quit. "Good-bye groupies. S'been nice."

  2. you forgot the most important reason: you'll never be jim west!

    (and anything scot tells you not to do, you certainly should do!)