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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mark Goodacre on Multiple Attestation - Le Donne

I would like to echo Chris here concerning Mark's participation. I had the pleasure of hearing him deliver an early version of this essay when I was writing my dissertation:
Mark Goodacre, “Scripturalization in Mark’s Crucifixion Narrative,” in The Trial and Death of Jesus: Essays on the Passion Narrative in Mark; eds. Geert Van Oyen and Tom Shepherd (CBET 45; Leuven: Peeters, 2006), 33-47.
This essay helped me focus my own thoughts on the relationship between myth and memory in the Gospels. I do believe that this was presented in the Historical Jesus Section at SBL and I think that this is why I suspected that he might be interested in "historical" Jesus research.

Here is my summary of his contribution to our book from my intro chapter:

Mark will be presenting a synopsis of this at Dayton, OH, on Oct 4-5. Loren Stuckenbruck will offer a response.



  1. Anthony, is this the one where he dealt with Crossan? I think it was in the Mark session at SBL.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, there are actually two papers, one called "Prophecy Historicized or Tradition Scripturalized?: Reflections on the Origin of the Passion Narrative" I presented this in the Historical Jesus section at SBL 2001, Denver. This should be either chapter 1 or chapter 2 in my next book (I've not decided). The second one is the one that Anthony mentions above, and I read that at the Mark section in I think 2004. It overlaps a bit with the first, but I think the first is better.

    1. Yes indeed, I do believe it was the first of these that I was thinking of. Thanks for the correction.

  3. He does deal with Crossan in this one. If anyone else is interested, Goodacre's "Scripturalization in Mark's Crucifixion Narrative" can be found here: